Our Expert Services!

While the renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow once said, "You'll either step forward into growth, or step back into safety," Titan Group USA delivers results where you or your organization will do both!

Residential and Commercial Security Assessment & Design

Overview of existing security measures including but not limited to operations, staff, training & liaison with law enforcement with recommendations to improve security.

Security Technology Assessment & Services

  • Overview of existing equipment including cameras, access control, intrusion detection, emergency notification systems, etc..
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Collaboration on system upgrades

Security Awareness & Training 

  • Crime statistics overview for the area
  • Personal safety training

Crisis Management Assessment, Planning & Training

  • Overview of existing plans and recommendations
  • Creation of new crisis management plans
  • Coordination of annual training

Red Team Audits

  • "Mystery Shopper" to assess security operations, results of findings and recommendations

Law Enforcement & Community Liaison

  • Experience in forming partnerships between private businesses and local law enforcement

Security Collaboration & Urban Development

  • Incorporating security details into the design of existing and new development

Special Event Security Planning

  • Special Event Security Planning

Commercial Security Assessments

  • Commercial Security Assessments



Additional Services:

    • Safe Room Design & Installation
    • Executive Protection Training
    • Executive Protection Assessment (for IRS tax purposes)
    • Design & Development of Command Centers for private & public sectors
    • Aviation Security Audits
    • Special Event Security Planning

Mike Bruggeman, CPP